Kathleen Gramzay

Kathleen Gramzay, BCTMB

Wellness Educator, Speaker, & Crusader for Movement

1. Excerpt from her book Release Your Pain: Expand Your Life.

2. Video: Kinessage Self Care Tip How to Get Rid of a Headache - Click Here to watch video.

3. Video: Kinessage Self Care Tip - Get to Sleep, Get Back to Sleep - Click Here to watch video.

Kinessage, LLC

Sue Thompson

Sue Thompson

Virtual CFO

Our Virtual CFO Services will connect you with your company's financial performance and allow you to make decisions confidently in your business. We help you understand the story that the numbers are telling you and what key indicators you should be following to make the best decision from. No more needing to guess what your next financial moves will be. With our accurate and timely reporting, we will keep you on track to meet and exceed your financial goals.

Not only do we help you develop your plan for success with integrity, but we also help guide you through it along the way. With your complete lifestyle taken into consideration, the strategy developed for you and your business will directly align with your desired result.

The CFO Agency


Clarisse Ringwald

Fashion Feng Shui Master Facilitator, Image and Professional Color Consultant

Clarisse designs a wardrobe specific to each individual’s energy signature. Dressing for your energy gives you a level of confident that allows your potential to shine through, and supports the large role you want to play in life.

Clarisse offers a variety of services for people who wish to consult in person or by Skype.

Clarisse Color Creations, LLC

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Rev Karen Russo

MBA, Your Money Confidence Coach

Money Keys Kit: Escaping the Money Traps of Scarcity, Superstition and Survival Mode

Too many smart, spiritually connected, talented individuals are blocked by money worries, resentment, and mess. Karen Russo, award-winning author of The Money Keys, shows you a different path—one that brings you financial and spiritual fulfillment!

She shares insights from 25 years of success as a Columbia MBA, top selling salesperson and ordained interfaith minister.

Book Chapter, Audio & 3 Success Stories teach exactly how to stop worrying, fighting and struggling with money for good.

Click Here to get your Money Keys kit to help you break through the money traps that may be sabotaging your life.


Sara Regester

RN, Integrative Health Coach

Sara is a Registered Nurse and Integrative Health Coach. She helps people with stress related disorders restore their health and alter their stress management.

For more information, contact Sara at:
602 955-1459