I’ve been where many of you are – I’m a Corporate America escapee who set out to create a home-based business where I did not have to travel so much and could enjoy life with my family. Like you, I wanted something that would feed my soul, not just put food on the table. I’ve been a coach, speaker, trainer and 7-figure small business owner with several employees.

And I am now going back to my first love as a quantum energy coach.

Over the years I have seen so many people start businesses and eventually give up. Not because they aren’t smart. Not because they’re lazy. They try hard to do everything that people are telling them to do, but for some reason they can’t make it work; or it works for a short time, and they stall.

What I’ve learned as a quantum energy coach is that often our actions are working in opposition to our energy. And since we are 96% energy, that’s a lot to push against. As a coach, I work with folks to create clarity, achieve the right focus, and align their energies to get unstuck and accelerate their growth.
If you would like to explore how I can help you or someone you know, please email me at wendy@wendybyford.com. I’ll be happy to get in touch.

Wendy Byford
Your Entity Solution, LLC
Office: 702 506 0190
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It’s not enough just to have an LLC.
You need to know how to look after it.

Fun Facts:

My husband and I love Indian food. I have cooked Indian dishes for many years and really enjoy finding great Indian restaurants. Here’s a picture taken at an event where a group of us did an India Night. The food was awesome.


Santa Fe, NM is one of my favorite places in the US. I love the food, the art and the atmosphere. If you get there, try breakfast at Pasqual’s. But get there early, as in Before Opening. The place is amazing and everyone knows it.


Gary and I have 5 children and 9 grandchildren scattered throughout Canada and the US. So our “baby” at home is a cross between a black lab and a greyhound. His name is Zander and he definitely has us trained.


Like many of you, Gary and I have had our challenges running a home based business. The biggest was on Halloween 2014 when Gary had a heart attack and had to be rushed into emergency surgery. Five bypasses later he is as good as new. And thanks to our wonderful staff, the business kept right on delivering throughout his recovery. Now everyone wants to see how we are building our new business.


We wish you every success in your endeavors.


PS If you are looking for a new business to start and would like to explore working with us, click on the join-me tab. Let’s talk.